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Disarm your GetSafe home security system automatically (while you're away from home) to let in visitors, dog walkers, babysitters, or other guests.
Jack from NCIX Tech Tips reviews the GetSafe DIY Home Security System.
Jim & Rachel just moved into their new place...right next to her parents. See how GetSafe will keep everyone protected and help save Jim's sanity.
Pair the Range Extender to ensure amplified Z-wave network signals. We keep your smart
Hate when the light is too bright or too dark? Control the dim with your Z-Wave Smart Bulb!
Pair the Z-Wave multi-color bulb to control your lights and choose it's color!
Control your lamps & other gadgets from the GetSafe app with the Z-wave Smart Dimmer.
Did you know you can control your Nest thermostat from the GetSafe app?
We don't just keep your home safe, we keep it smart. Our home automation capabilities allows you to customize and control your home from the...
Deter thieves from breaking into your home even earlier on by displaying a GetSafe Yard Sign in your front yard. Make the yard sign your...
Create Smart Rules so that your devices react to one another. It's a great way to customize your security!
GetSafe Home Security - Unboxing and Installation
February 18, 2016
Ashley unboxes the GetSafe Home Security basic kit and shows us how to install and test the system.
February 18, 2016
GetSafe Home Security makes it possible to feel secure without feeling trapped. By combining the best of traditional home security systems with a no-contract, DIY...