Key Fob

Control your home alarm system with the push of a button. The GetSafe Key Fob is a simple switch that fits in your hand. It’s perfect for answering the door without using the full alarm controls, or for arming the house from your car when you leave for work.


How it works

It’s not much bigger than a car key alarm and the simple 5-button layout is designed so your thumb always knows which button you’re pressing, even in the dark, or in an emergency.

Use the key fob to switch your home alarm system between the four settings:

  • Fully armed
  • Fully disarmed
  • Daytime setting – for when you’re in the house
  • Nighttime setting – when you’re only in some of the rooms.

Set your preferences using your smart phone, and then take the easy way and trigger them using the fob.

The LED indicator shows the status of your alarm system – the key fob operates at a range of almost 2,000 feet, but it’s nice to have reassurance that the arming button really did work from the driveway! The battery is very simple to place in the back of the fob, and lasts about 3 years.



Panic Button Included

The key fob also has a Panic button function that sets off your home siren. It takes two buttons pushed together to trigger the panic mode so it’s practically impossible to trigger a false alarm.

TIP: flip the key fob over in your fingers – this takes half a second – and your two main fingers are ready to press the two buttons.


Key fob makes security simple

The key fob is the final piece in a system designed to make security easy for you. It’s the indispensable match with your smart phone – use your phone to set the system up the way you want and use the fob for the simplest way to activate the functions.

Hang the key fob by the front door, take it to your nightstand, keep it in the car. Best of all, everyone in the household can have their own fob, programmed to their user account, if you’re sharing security access in the family. Everyone has their own. And if one ever gets stolen or goes missing, it’s easy to deactivate it remotely.

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