How It Works

GetSafe offers a smart, flexible way to secure what matters most to you. Our home security systems are easy to install and even easier to use. It delivers all the benefits of a professional 24/7 security system without the 3-5 year annual contracts.


The backbone of GetSafe Home Security is our 24/7 professional monitoring. If there’s a break-in, we tell you immediately. If you’re not available, we alert the authorities. Get the same level of protection whether you own a large home or renting your first apartment.  Shop Now

Set it up in minutes

Our easy-to-install system allows you to do it yourself—without drilling holes in the walls or calling an electrician. Simply position the sensors where you want them, and press into place.

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Just stick it on your door
We’ve Got Your Back

We’ve Got Your Back

Professional monitoring means there’s always someone watching out for you. Any time of day or night, if there’s ever a problem, we let you know. And if you don’t respond, we alert the authorities.

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You’re Always in Control

With our user-friendly app, you can keep tabs on your home from anywhere. When the door opens, you’ll know it. And if someone forgets to close the door behind them, you’ll know that, too.

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Moving? Not a Problem

Now if you move to a new place, you can take your security system with you. Adding capabilities is easy, too. We know circumstances change, and GetSafe can grow with you and go with you.

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Partners with Nest

Our system integrates with innovative products for home automation like the Nest Thermostat.

Get $125 off a starter kit when you buy a Nest thermostat. Use promo code: nest50 at checkout after adding the Nest Thermostat to your cart.

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Starter Kit $249

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Monitoring plans starting from $19/monthNo annual contracts!

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