With GetSafe, it’s easy to assemble a professionally monitored home security system to match your needs. And if those needs ever expand, like moving to a bigger place, adding new features and capabilities to your GetSafe security system is a breeze.


The GetSafe Starter Kit is an affordable, feature-packed first step towards protecting your home. Enough components to protect a condo or apartment with add-on options to outfit a larger home.

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GetSafe Home Security Starter Kit
GetSafe Home Security Smart Hub


The gateway between you and the system sensors, the Smart Hub communicates wirelessly with the sensors and sends system alerts to your smartphone. And if you lose your Wi-Fi signal, AT&T 3G cellular kicks in!

AT&T Cellular Backup Included!


Entry sensors secure your home’s doors and windows. The alarm sensors are small, unobtrusive, and can communicate wirelessly with the Smart Hub from up to 1,640 feet away.

GetSafe Home Security Door/Window Sensors
Sticks to your door or window
GetSafe Home Security Motion Detector


The motion detector alarm uses Passive Infra-Red (PIR) technology to sense the body heat of a human intruder and ignore the movements of most pets smaller than 40 pounds.

Point it anywhere


The alarm siren responds with a 90-second burst of sound when it detects an alert from the sensors. At 85 db, it’s powerful enough to alert everyone to a break-in.

GetSafe Home Security Siren

Additional Components

You can add sensors and cameras to your GetSafe security system and set up alerts for them using the smartphone app. Our system is 100 percent wireless and instantly recognizes new components, seamlessly adding them to your system. Each Smart Hub can monitor up to 64 Security Devices and support up to 32 users.

Customers love us, but don't take our word for it
I changed insurance companies and the new company required me to have a monitored burglar & fire alarm system. I wasn't keen on spending a lot of money on the equipment or the monitoring service since crime is not an issue where I live and my house already has 7 linked fire & carbon monoxide detectors. I did quite a bit of research and watched several videos. GetSafe offered the best solution for me. I ordered the basic kit, an extra door sensor, a fob, and a smoke detector. Everything was very easy to install and test, although a basement door is recessed several inches so I had a jury-rig a solution because the two components of the door sensor need to be mounted within an inch or two of each other. The smart phone app (iPhone in my case) is great. Very easy to use, such as arming, disarming, adding sensors or buying new sensors. There's no increase in monitoring cost for new devices. I had to call support a few times, but they were very helpful with no wait time. GetSafe emailed me a certificate to indicate that they were monitoring my system, which I sent to my insurance company. I would have given 5 stars if a little bit more documentation was included. It's mostly intuitive, but a few more words or diagrams might have helped. For example when I was installing the smoke detector. But overall, I'm very satisfied so far, and I highly recommend the GetSafe system.
jack edelstein
jack edelstein
21:42 01 Sep 17
The system is extremely easy to install and use and customer service is excellent. I don't have any issues or concerns with the system itself but I wish that it could be placed in test mode especially during installation. I wasn't sure if my motion detectors actually worked until I triggered them by accident. Also, telephone calls from the monitors are super fast if the alarm goes off. My family and I feel very safe with this system protecting us.
Charles Perry
Charles Perry
20:40 25 Oct 17
The portability, price, and reliability of the Get Safe security system has definitely made me a satisfied buyer. Get Safe personifies value! I shopped around with other security systems, but none offered the flexibility of temporary installation (we have a tendency to move). The response time whenever our alarm was triggered was fast and efficient. I'll be a Get Safe customer for a very, very long time.
Amanda Kiss
Amanda Kiss
20:31 12 Jul 17
I’ve had GetSafe for about 3-4 months now and they have been great. Only issue is you only have a trial period where cameras save video to cloud before you are asked to purchase subscriptions. Which I wasn’t told prior to purchase. However it does still save pics when motion sensor is activated. No complaints really at this time
Nikki Mays
Nikki Mays
13:08 30 Oct 17
I like the comfort of having security and someone monitoring the various alarms for my house; however, I am disappointed in the fact that having a dog over 40 lbs. Creates an issue with the alarms. Whenever my dog barks, she sets the alarms off when we aren't home. If I'm at work and can't answer right away they send the police. There's no way to manipulate the sensitivity of the sensor she's setting off, and I've tried everything the techs have suggested. I wish they had told me at the beginning, when I was signing up, that there could be an issue. I asked them and they said it would be fine to have a big dog. Other than that, the app is easy to use and there's no real learning curve. I like the various options you get, just wish they could expand the capabilities of their products.
Emily McManus
Emily McManus
05:14 13 Jul 17
GetSafe is great for the price that you pay. It was easy to enroll in, easy to install, easy to access and the service is great. The app on my phone makes access easy for when I have family/friends coming over. This way everyone doesn't have to know my security code. They are also very timely to responding to alarms being triggered, within seconds to be factual. I love this service and would recommend it to anyone.
Amber Meggison
Amber Meggison
23:24 30 Jun 17
Rachel went the extra mile in helping me get my system reconnected after moving. Her patience is unbelievable!
Pop Pop
Pop Pop
17:29 18 Sep 18
I had a credit card issue and was contacted by email and phone to alert my home security monitoring account was past due.I was connected to Rachel who provided excellent customer support while we resolved the billing issue.Although my service was great, I have a complaint related to my Account Dashboard. The dashboard is password protected so it seems unreasonable that it does not display billing and payment history. Further, the dashboard should include any payment alerts related to critical billing and payment information that may affect monitoring service.Please modify the Account Dashboard to include billing and payment information, and to include critical account billing notices.Thank you - Mark from Alaska
Mark Alaska
Mark Alaska
17:03 21 Sep 18
Rachel was AWESOME, had problem with installing three outside HD cameras, numerous phone calls required to get them fully functional. Very professional, stayed with me until each was working as designed. Could not ask for a better experience, busy Friday afternoon, but treated me as if I was the only one in the queue, did not rush thru and stayed with me until 100% sure the cameras were fully functional. Would rate the experience A+++++++++++
Gar Pursley
Gar Pursley
16:53 03 Nov 18
I have been with Get Safe for two years. The service has been great and the response time is extremely timely.I recommend this service and company.
Curtis McCullom
Curtis McCullom
16:43 15 Nov 18
Sharice treated me as if I was the ONLY person she had to attend to. She was extremely gracious & professional, showed compassion and much patience. Very easy to understand & helpful. I felt enormous relief after speaking with her & placing my order. Looking forward to my mom’s 30 day trial with your equipment & service.
Barbara Cusack
Barbara Cusack
18:38 19 Nov 18
Sharice, was efficient, knowledgeable, and customer friendly. She answered all of my questions and if she wasn’t sure about the answer she did her research so as not to give me any wrong information. Great employee!!
Phillip gibson
Phillip gibson
21:04 09 Jan 19
The support staff is extremely helpful and efficient. I had a small issue with one of their devices and they replaced it right away, no questions asked. They even typed up a message for me to pass to my local PD to forgive the false alarm I received. Couldn't be happier with my service.
Martin de Salterain
Martin de Salterain
00:07 19 Jan 19
Ammad was and continues to be very helpful. He has answered any and all questions. 😀 And I'm sure has answered some a couple of times. Customer service so far is exceptional. I would recommend GetSafe!The people I now deal with are courteous n helpful. Not sure why the app takes so long to open at times. I would still recommend GetSafe
Betty Scheldt
Betty Scheldt
21:38 25 Jan 19
After our motion detector fell off the wall, we received a message that it had been "tampered with". Before we were able to re-install it, this email message was repeated numerous times (very annoying!) . After re-installing, we again received a "tampered with" message so I called technology. My call was immediately answered by Charisse, and she very patiently and professionally walked me through the process of resetting our system. Thank you, Charisse; you deserve 5 stars!
Judith Fuentes
Judith Fuentes
01:01 05 Feb 19
I got really great guidance in choosing my equipment and setting it up. The reps took as much time with me as I needed to get it done. And the value with the 3 year contract is excellent!
Brian Schill
Brian Schill
20:27 04 Mar 19

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