Starter Kit

The average burglar will steal over $2,000 from your home. The Starter Kit costs a fraction of that. It’s an affordable DIY security solution perfect for a small living space. Our compact security system gives you the tools to monitor who’s coming and who’s going, and where they are inside your home.



The Starter Kit has enough equipment for a small home or apartment. The kit includes:

  • 1 Smart Hub
  • 1 Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Alarm Siren


GetSafe Home Security - DIY Starter Kit

The SMART HUB communicates wirelessly with your sensors and sends system alerts to your smartphone. The Smart Hub connects to your home Ethernet router and also includes a pre-installed AT&T 3G sim card for cellular backup in case your internet goes down.

Your DOOR/WINDOW SENSORS secure your home’s entry points. You get a smartphone alert whenever the door or window is opened.

Your MOTION DETECTOR uses Passive Infra-Red (PIR) technology to sense the body heat of a human intruder, while ignoring the movements of pets smaller than 40 pounds.

The ALARM SIREN sets off a blast of noise to signal for help and scare intruders away.


Once you have your Starter Kit, download the GETSAFE HOME SECURITY APP. The app acts as the control panel for your security system, getting alerts from the Smart Hub, and letting you know what’s happening at your home.

Arm and disarm the system from your phone. There’s no need to run to an awkward control panel when you open your door.


No problem. You can add additional sensors and cameras as needed and set up alerts for them using the smartphone app. The system is 100% wireless, so the Smart Hub controller instantly recognizes new sensors and seamlessly adds them to your system. It can monitor up to 64 Security Devices and supports up to 32 users.

Starter Kit $249

Monitoring plans starting from $25/mo. No annual contracts!

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